Established in 2016, Best Buds Forever is the latest distributor of all things cool. We have a huge selection of vaporizers, cannabis books, t-shirts, bongs and smoking accessories. Visit our location at 3096 Dundas Street West,  Toronto, ON M6P 1Z8 Tel: 416-551-0959. We are the best head shop in Ontario and the best online head shop in Canada!

Gift Shop

The BBF bong shop has the best bongs for sale in Canada from our Junction location and over the internet via our online headshop. If you are looking to buy bongs with percolators or in certain materials such as hand-made or glass then you could not have stumbled across a better website! At BBF we have the perfect gifts for everyone, with a huge range of smoking pipes and a stunning range of wild brands.

Rock Shop

All of the products we sell in our head shop have been thoroughly tried and tested to ensure high quality. This is done because we only want to provide our customers world-wide with the best. When you purchase a bong, or any other product from our online head shop we want each and everyone to have a pleasant experience and we feel high-quality testing is crucial to achieve that.

Head Shop

Here at Best Buds Forever we strive to not just to bring our customers the very best products, but also the cheapest and high-end as well as the best customer service. We are located in Toronto Ontario, Canada and ship worldwide with fast-tracked shipping. Every year new amazing products come on to the market and at BBF we make sure we have every high-quality item available for sale.

All Things Cool

Our selection comprises of herb grinders, novelty ashtrays and turbo jet lighters are some of the coolest around and many many more. We also stock some really helpful items to help keep your tools tidy such as trays and wooden rolling boxes. Just take a look around at all the great products we have for sale here on our online head shop. At BBF you will find that we stock high number of affordable smoking accessories.