Spectrum King 100Watt Closet Case LED Grow Light


Start saving on your power bill today with The Closet Case 100W LED Grow Light, designed to work for both veg and bloom.

100 Watt Patent Pending Full Spectrum LED Grow Light. Replaces 2-4 Bulb T5 Fixtures as well as 250w HPS bulb setups. Made for smaller grow spaces and shorter plants. Can be used for BOTH vegetative growth and flowering. Nationwide compliant and driverless LED technology.

100w LED Grow Light perfect for closets, tents and smaller grows. The Closet Case 100 LED Grow Light is all you need to grow from seed to harvest. With rugged IP65 rated water resistant housing the Closet Case 100 LED Grow Light is perfect for wet and humid environments. The Closet Case 100 LED Grow Light has 90-degree reflectors specially designed to spread light evenly.

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