Canadian Sage Smudge Sticks – Assorted Blends 4 Pack


  • Includes one of each of the following blends: Cedar & Sage, Juniper & Sage, Pine & Sage & Mountain Sage
  • All Organic Ingridents & wildcrafted by a Canadian family from the natural forests surrounding their home
  • Cedar – deeply purifying, especially useful for clearing negative emotions & healing. A medicine of protection. Often used to cleanse a home when first moving in. Drives out negative energy & brings in good influences
  • Juniper – sharp, piney scent. Excellent to stimular and revive when tired in body, mind & spirit. Aids in clairvoyance & resists disease. Creates a sacred space
  • Pine – relaxing, stress relieving, restores over all balance to the body & mind. Known for anti bacterial properties. Brings a state of peace & well being
  • Mountain SageĀ – known for its sharp, light & refreshing scent. One of the most sacred herbs used for purification. Drives out any negative thoughts, energies & influences. Brings change, purifies body, mind body and spirit before any prayer, meditiation or ceremony
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