Arizer Solo II


The Arizer Solo II is for anyone wanting excellent vapor quality, fast heat up time, long battery life, and full digital control from a portable vaporizer at a reasonable price. It’s perfect for around the house or for on the go sessions where pocketability is not a priority. Just like other Arizers the taste is pure and the vapour is smooth and cool. The Solo II heats up to 390 F in just 23 seconds with  a battery life of 3 hours. The Solo II has a digital display with easy to use buttons to customize your vapourizing and personalize your session without needing an app.

Whats Included: 1 x Solo II Multi-Purpose Micro-Heater, 1 x Solo II Charger / Power Adapter, 1 x Solo II Glass Aroma Tube (90mm), 1 x Solo II Glass Aroma Tube (110mm), 1 x Solo II Glass Aroma Dish, 1 x Solo II Belt-Clip Carry Case, 2 x Solo II Silicone Stem Caps, 4 x Solo II Stainless Steel Filter Screens, 1 x Stainless Steel Stirring Tool, 1 x Sample Aromatic Botanicals, 1 x Owner’s Manual