DaVinci IQ Vapourizer


51 LED Light Grid Display gives you a sophisticated feel while also displaying everything you need to know like temperature, battery level and boost mode. Enjoy up to 1.5 hours of usage time and change batteries on the fly for extended vaping sessions. Craft your own vaping experience with precision temperature control ranging from 250-430 Degrees F. On Demand Hit and energy saving abilities makes this vaporizer perfect for all types of users.

Whats Included: 1x DaVinci IQ, 1x Keychain Tool, 1 Micro USB Cable, 1x Keychain, 1x Cleaning Brush, 9x Cleaning Swabs, 1x 10mm Water Tool Adapter/Extended Mouthpiece, 1x Carry Can 1x 3500mAh – 18650 Battery, 1x Owners Manual

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