Zeus Smite Vape


The ZEUS Smite is entirely self-contained, boasting an internal mouthpiece storage compartment. The exterior shell of the Smite is made of premium anodized aluminum, which is both sleek and durable. Approximately 10.4cm tall, 6cm long, 2.2vm wide and weighing in at approximately 206g, the Smite is powered by an incredibly strong, long-lasting battery that offers approximately 3 hours of continuous vaporization! Super efficient with 3 pre-set temperature settings and incredibly convenient to load, use (1-button operated), and maintain, the ZEUS Smite is perfectly simple and portable for easy, on-the-go vaporizing.

Whats Included: ZEUS Smite Vapourizer, Mouthpiece, Micro USB Charger, 2x Screens, Cleaning Brush, Packing Tool


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